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Content Management as a Service (CMaaS)


Outsourcing content management – the traditional approach For completing projects and managing ups and downs in supply and demand, many companies use external capacity to complement their in-house web content management team. Doing so is business as usual, although a few different models can be distinguished, of which the most popular is arguably to just hire temps at general job agencies or more specialized internet agencies.


The importance of execution in content management

Organisations usually have an idea about what they want when it comes to their online strategy. However, execution within this seemingly easy but typically complicated part of the value chain is not always that straightforward. Many stakeholders are involved and the ways that systems interlock with processes makes that many decisions need to be made throughout the organisation, taking into account peculiarities of that same organisation, its IT systems, its value systems, its short term and long term goals, etc.


10 risks of poor Web Content Management

We are always promoting and stressing the importance of smart and effective content management, that is, getting the desired results out of your content management (CM) organisation. To better underscore this importance, it is valuable to also look at the risks and effects of poor content management, so it’s also clear what can be avoided by getting things right. When companies realise what they are risking, it might be easier to understand why putting more effort into smart content management is so important.


9 reasons why a CMS does not deliver as promised

We have all probably stumbled upon stories of people frustrated about their company’s (newly installed) Content Management System that doesn’t deliver the expected results. Often the system itself and/or the implementation party are blamed. In some cases this surely is justified, but in a lot of other cases the real reasons behind the underperformance of the content management function may not be as obvious as initially thought. This article sheds light on 9 possible causes of underperformance – some of them straightforward, others hidden in plain sight.


Managing “debt”

Quick fixes versus Long term results

A common but easily overlooked aspect of the Content Management work within your CMS can be seen as “managing debt”. We borrow this metaphor from 37 signals’ book “Getting Real” (…). When applying it to content management, we get the following concept.