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Content Management as a Service (CMaaS)


Outsourcing content management – the traditional approach For completing projects and managing ups and downs in supply and demand, many companies use external capacity to complement their in-house web content management team. Doing so is business as usual, although a few different models can be distinguished, of which the most popular is arguably to just hire temps at general job agencies or more specialized internet agencies.

The disadvantages of hiring external capacity in such a way are quite large, but as companies are used to working this way they are also easy to overlook. Hiring “hands” to help out your internal team is relatively inflexible with direct and indirect training costs and significant lead times required to get someone up to speed. Putting someone behind a desk is also expensive relative to the work that is completed, as you’re likely held to pay the hourly rate for eight hours a day while research shows people complete no more than five to six hours of effective work time a day. Furthermore, the knowledge built up by the temp is lost as soon as the contract ends, or even faster when the temp switches jobs and goes elsewhere (high turnover rates).

Then again, increasing internal team size enough to be able to cover the peaks in work load is also not cost-efficient, and often not possible or allowed.

A better alternative: Content Management as a Service
Crossphase now has an attractive new alternative to solve this dilemma: Content Management as a Service (CMaas). Just like with Software as a Service, this presents you with the option to only use the service when it’s needed and to pay for only that amount that you actually use. In other words, with CMaaS your organisation remains fully flexible while saving on costs significantly.

How it works
Crossphase has a team of dedicated and experienced content managers available at their offices in Leiden, The Netherlands. After a short briefing and training they will be able to take on projects or ongoing work remotely via strictly secured connections. This way of working allows the agreement of a fixed price for a defined amount of work so you will know in advance what the cost will be and when the work will be finished. For organisations that experience high peaks in workload this will help manage and reduce costs and make sure things get done, on time.

Advantages in a nutshell
The main advantages of CMaaS are that it is flexible, fast and produces high quality work = high quality results = high quality websites, all at a very reasonable cost level.

Flexible – When you’re faced with a big peak in workload, Crossphase has a team of professionals ready to take it on: cost-efficiently and on demand, allowing your own team to stay focused on their priorities instead of finding themselves spread too thin. Pay only for what you use and use only what you need.

Fast – As Crossphase’s staff are all well trained and experienced content managers, they will be able to start right away. That means no high training costs and extensive lead times that otherwise are required to get new people up to speed. Crossphase’s content managers are also effective coordinators and communicators, making sure that all work gets done, on-time and with the necessary approvals.

High Quality deliverables – The people at Crossphase are experts in content management and know how to best help their clients, with a focus on quality and long term cost efficiency. We feel that only the best is good enough for your customer facing websites. Multiple quality checks at different stages and carefully crafted processes will ensure no errors or style breaches will be present in the deliverables.

Cost Efficient –The above advantages combined make that the costs of the CMaaS solution are attractively low. Pay only for what you use and use only what you need is extremely cost-efficient when demand is fluctuating, but even constant amounts work can often be done most cost-efficiently by Crossphase..Furthermore the fact that we guarantee high quality deliverables will make sure you know in advance exactly what you’re paying for in terms of results: that you’re getting the best value for money.

Quick comparison
A quick comparison of the two traditional approaches and CMaaS is presented below. Although every situation is different, this explains why most companies choose to combine the benefits of having an inhouse team with the benefits of CMaaS.


In-house team
Hire temporary staff




Fast (lead time)


0 / + / ++


Cost Level
- / –
+ / ++


Cost control


Management of
Staf, werknemers, resultaten
Werknemers, resultaten


Uitvoering van het werk
Kwaliteit, snelheid, kostenefficientie


Good to know

Although this way of outsourcing content management work may be unfamiliar to most webmanagers, the CMaaS concept has proven to be very successful already at the various large organisations Crossphase is already working with.

Crossphase is happy to show you how CMaaS can help you achieve your goals and reduce hassle: give us a call at + 31 (0)71 528 0002 or email rutger.plak {@}