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Flexible and cost-efficient: Content Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Most content processes involve a great number of different parties. Marketing and Communication, the Ad agency, content specialists, IT, the translation agency, product specialists, and the legal department are all jointly responsible for the end results, including necessary review and approval.

Involving such a large amount of stakeholders, who all have to do their part at various points throughout the process, often means that parties have to wait for one another during these coordination rounds. This in turn makes planning content processes in large organizations difficult.

Traditional models for calling in external aid do not match well with the highly variable workload that is so typical for many online projects. This raises project costs unnecessarily: you’re paying the specialist for sitting around on quiet days while on busy days the work is not finished on time, in turn causing others to have to wait, raising their costs and delaying the project unnecessarily.

Crossphase solves this problem by offering Content Management as a Service (CMaaS). It works like this: Crossphase employs a team of experienced content managers who can flexibly pick up work as and when it comes in. A flexible and experienced extension of your own team is available on demand. You simply use what you need, when you need it, and only pay for what you use. This allows you to remain as flexible as possible, at lower costs, and projects are always completed at the desired pace. Now that’s ideal!

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