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Effective project management is essential to successful online projects.

Effective project management is essential to successful online projects

When working on online projects both large and small, such as content migrations, rebrandings or rolling out new websites or campaigns, effective projects management is of the highest importance to the successful completion of these projects.

The process of creating, adapting, or improving web content often requires a lot of coordination and fine-tuning. Online projects usually involve many different internal and external parties with many different goals, priorities and perspectives. Managing such projects can be highly complicated, but is essential to delivering high quality projects on time and within budget. Anyone who has ever simply left a content project be, and hoped for the best, will have experienced this.

The complexity and nature of online projects demand an appropriate hands-on project management approach. Practical knowledge and hands-on experience with the right systems is invaluable in this respect because ‘the devil is in the details’.  The experienced project managers will be able to see through the fog of details, spot issues before they arise, and proactively solve them while avoiding pitfalls.

Hiring a project manager

Crossphase employs experienced project managers who can assist you in successfully delivering your projects. Seconded to your department, as a part of a larger project, or via ‘Content Management as a Service’. They have ample experience with various Content Management Systems, content processes and organisations and are used to working with market leaders in the Netherlands and abroad. With this experience, they will deliver your projects quickly, smoothly and cost efficiently. You can trust Crossphase will complete your online projects successfully.

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