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Well written texts are essential to a clear and comprehensible website.

Well written copy engages the visitor in the experience your site offers

Well written copy is essential to a clear and comprehensible website, especially to the ‘experience’ that is offered to your visitors. Great online copy engages the visitor and creates the right atmosphere while his questions are being answered and persuade him to take action in a natural way, depending on your site’s objective.

Not only is copy important in order to create the right customer experience and support the customer journey, the right copy will also make it easier for your target groups to find your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In order to make your make your website as easy to find as possible for potential customers it is important that it has been optimized for search engines such as Google (on-site SEO). Every editor and content manager at Crossphase is intimately familiar with the finer traits of the SEO business. Crossphase’s content specialists optimize the structure, metadata as well as the copy on your website for you, thereby ensuring your website is found by the right visitors at the right time.

Crossphase can also conduct a comprehensive SEO-analysis of your website.

Outsourcing your web editorial activities

Crossphase offers you the opportunity to have your web editorial team supported by experienced web editors. Our experts have all the necessary knowledge to assist you.  Seconded to your department, as a part of a larger project, or via ‘Content Management as a Service´. On top of this Crossphase advises your organisation on how to get the most out of your web copy, allowing you to optimally profit from our industry and job-specific knowledge and experience.

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